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Game Of Thrones Tapestry - Yours to explore

Having  witnessed the epic battles, deadly dragons and unexpected road trips, it is time to take one of your own - road trips that is. We would never recommend you take a dragon! With so much Game of Thrones action captured in Northern Ireland, this is about as close to the Seven Kingdoms you can get without losing your head - but the spectacular scenery will blow your mind! 

It’s here you can follow the footsteps of Jon Snow through timeworn landscapes or grab a bow and learn how to shoot like a wildling, where you can sail the same waters as Tyrion and Jorah, train with broadswords, and take the Kings Road all over Northern Ireland.

Below we have week long self drive tours, luxury coach day trips from Dublin or Belfast, activities and just some basic information on Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Northern Ireland.

From $1,099 PPDO Land Only
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From $699 ppdo Land Only... To many Game of Thrones fans, Westeros is a real place.To the people of Northern Ireland, it is home. Northern Ireland is the principle location for filming of this hit...
From $2,606 PPDO Land Only
Just 40 minutes from Belfast - tour 20 key Game of Thrones tour filming location hotspots on the sprawling Old Castle Ward demesne including Winterfell Cast
Having witnessed the epic battles, unexpected road trips and even deadly dragons. It is now time for the real life experience. With so much Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones Northern Ireland Filming Locations (Images)

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