Ireland's Ancient East

Experience 5,000 years of history in one week

Peel back the layers of Ireland's history to reveal what influenced the Irish before they went on to shape the world.

Ireland is famous for her enchanting stories and her fabled storytellers. Meet the people and hear their stories in towns and villages all across Ireland's Ancient East where you will find an engaging authenticity that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Start exploring Ireland's Ancient East now.


7 Day Ancient East Tour

A whirlwind tour of Ireland's Ancient East spending nights in Meath, Cashel, Kilkenny and Wicklow .

9 Day Ancient East Tour

A more relaxed tour around the entire East, giving you more time to truly appreciate the myth and magic.

8 Day Rent-a-Cottage

Make your self-catering accommodation your base for a week of exploration and uncover 5,000 years of Ireland's Ancient history one day at a time.

8 Day Rent-a-Landmark

You will be visiting lots of castles and lighthouses during your visit to Ireland's Ancient East but did you ever dream that it was possible to stay in one?

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