Snæfellsnes Instagram | Iceland Day Trip

The duration of the tour is 10 hours.

Imagine a photography tour run by young but experienced photographers who know how to get the right images for your socials, have scouted the best locations within the Snæfellsnes Peninsula for the ultimate Iceland shots and it doesn't cost you a fortune.

This might sound fake. But it does exist.

Instead of being stuck on a large bus with a bunch of folk that are satisfied with iPhone photography out of the bus windows, listening to a guide for 8 hours describing the surroundings through an unclear speaker system and stopping at all of the most touristy spots for 5 minutes at a time....

How about we propose an alternative?

We wanted to make a tour that resembles more a bunch of mates hanging out together and getting the best photographs for their social accounts. Personally, this is the dream tour we could envision for ourselves.


  • Smaller bus size means a less 'herd-like' experience (17 pax)
  • Exploring less touristy locations, specifically chosen for their photography wow factor
  • No tour guides talking at you - but instead a 'Tour Buddy' who will answer any questions you might have about the area
  • A young photography expert who has fresh knowledge on the current photography trends, ready to guide you (if you wish) through obtaining your perfect shot
  • 6 extended stops at our remote locations to ensure you have enough time to capture your banger shot
  • Expert Instagrammer on board to guide you through structuring and setting up your social accounts for maximum impact and results
  • All photography enthusiasts on the bus - up to you to take the opportunity to work together on trading photos of each other
  • 1 x beer - A full day of photography calls for a cool beverage to keep you refreshed (non drinkers - we'll have juice pops for you)

   100 Spring St, Boston MA, 02132 | 1.617.327.4242