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As Crystal Travel is a family run operation, we have an extremely close-knit team with many of our agents working here for over 15 years. Most of our team members have further knowledge and experience in the travel industry extending beyond Crystal Travel which you can read about below. Please get to know them a little better and take note of any travel tips they give below.

Our experienced team of travel agents and tour operators are well-traveled and passionate and enjoy sharing that with you. We leverage the years of specialist experience and deep partner relationships we have developed since we opened our doors to assist you in crafting the type of travel experience you want.

The map is by no means exhaustive and is very much a work in progress but has already filled in quite nicely.


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Jim Kelly - Founder & President

Before moving to Boston in the 1960s, I had already left Galway to drive a bus in London. I called these two places home before moving to America and they remain two of my favorite places. I worked with Aer Lingus at Logan Airport from 1965 until 1985 when I opened Crystal Travel with my wife Teresa. It's been a very quick 50 years in the travel industry!

My work has allowed me to travel a lot over the years and I particularly enjoyed Paris, Amsterdam and Dubrovnik. The historic buildings and old wall in Dubrovnik grab your attention immediately, and added to the weather, climate and people, it makes for a really beautiful city. After so long at Aer Lingus, I had met a lot of people on my travels and the desire was strong to own a travel agency to help others to travel.



Teresa Kelly - Founder & Pilgrimage Expert

Although I emigrated when I was only 15, I still have a great love of Ireland and have not lost my accent. I spent 25 years with Eastern Airlines before going on to open Crystal Travel with my husband and we are already over 30 years here. I still travel home to Galway regularly and love Ireland, particularly my home county and Knock, Mayo.

I enjoy making pilgrimages to Medjugorje frequently. It is a great place to reaffirm one's faith and to slow down the pace of life in a stunning location. As a teenager I got in to the travel industry initially as I saw it as an opportunity to travel home more often. This is something that has continued to this day as I still return to Ireland at least once a year, the country I will always call home.

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Kevin Kelly - Business Development

I started full-time with Crystal Travel & Tours in 1997 but I had worked part-time during summers before that since it was a family business. I also worked part-time with Icelandair at Logan Airport. After 17 years, I enjoy what I do. As one of the world’s largest and oldest industries, traveling and tourism tends to have a positive impact on those it touches. It is great to be part of such an industry. 

Growing up, my siblings and I spent several weeks each summer visiting family in Ireland. The Cliffs of Moher is a spectacular natural attraction, towering over the Atlantic Ocean. In Britain, the Big Pit National Coal Museum in Blaenavon, Wales was an experience. Going down into the mine was an education into how some men (& their horses) made a living not too long ago. I visited Cape Town, South Africa about ten years ago with my brother and we really enjoyed the visit.

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Seán Kelly - Operations Director

Entering my 16th year with Crystal Travel and Tours,  I still believe traveling is such an important thing to do. By going out and exploring the world, we get to see and experience all the wonderful variety around the world. Being able to experience new places and cultures makes travel so rewarding and enjoyable, and it also can be quite educational.

I visit Ireland quite often and also spent a year studying in Galway. Galway City is great mix of old and new, and a place where the Irish language and traditional music have a very strong presence. It’s a unique place as the heart of the West of Ireland, and one that I always recommend that people visit when in Ireland. I also love Seville in Spain, an immensely historic city - the city’s architecture is quite impressive to view, and there is a great buzz and vibrancy to the city.

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Vivienne Stanley Kelly - Group Air Manager

Born and raised in Co Offaly, I moved to Boston in 2008 to work at Crystal Travel. I previously worked in Skibbereen, Cork doing exactly the same thing - planning vacations. I have been in the travel business for about 18 years. I could not imagine doing another job; I get so much satisfaction when people enjoy my home country.

Having traveled all around the world myself I feel my experience and knowledge can help people make the most of their trip. My favorite place in Ireland would have to be Baltimore, West Cork - only a small little village it has so much character and the Joile Brise still has the best pizza in the world. Outside of Ireland my favorite place to visit was Dubai. The total opposite of Ireland in terms of weather but great to experience a whole new culture.

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Bridie Tamer - Senior Travel Expert

Born and raised in Ireland, I still love my home county of Galway. I grew up a short distance from the city which I love for its atmosphere and shopping. I also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Connemara, especially the little town of Clifden. I moved to Boston when I was 21 and began work at Crystal Travel in 1985 when its doors first opened.

I still love to travel home to Ireland as often as I can and I also love seeing different parts of this country. I love Florida, Las Vegas and New Orleans. The scenery in Vegas and the Grand Canyon was an awesome sight and I found New Orleans to be a very different experience to that of Boston. It is a friendly city with a party atmosphere and, while I am not a big seafood person, I really enjoyed eating out there.

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Ann O'Brien - Product Manager & Travel Expert

My mom is from Ireland and I spent summers there as a child and still enjoy exploring new places each time I visit. I love Galway because it offers a wide range of experiences - cycling on the Aran Islands, photographing breathtaking scenery in Connemara, people-watching over a pint of Guinness on Quay Street or listening to local musicians play at a seisiún in a Shop Street pub. Outside of Ireland I love Rome for its uniqueness, culture, language, history and cuisine

My favorite part of traveling is putting together an itinerary and watching everything fall into place while experiencing a new culture. I also enjoy sampling local food, beer and wine. I have worked in the travel industry for 13 years and love both seeing people off on their trips and welcoming them home. I look forward to helping you plan your vacation!

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Paddy Moroney- Senior Travel Expert

I have 42 years of experience in the travel sector, beginning with Aer Lingus before going on to own, run and operate my own travel agencies and tour operators. After living in London, New York and Boston, and starting at Crystal Travel in 2006, I can still say there is no place like home. Home is Dungarvan in County Waterford, and I return there as often as I can to see Lismore Castle, Mount Melleray Abbey and Waterford City itself.

I have been lucky enough to travel a lot, enjoying Hawaii, New Orleans and Montserrant in particular - nicknamed The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean due to the Irish ancestry of many of its inhabitants. I love to travel and after getting a job with Aer Lingus in 1961, it was a natural progression to become a travel agent - a job which gives me great enjoyment.

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Amanda Brown- Travel Expert

Being a travel agent is my opportunity to help others get out and see the world. I began my career in the travel industry with a position at a travel agency in Florence for study abroad students—and now Crystal Travel! I look forward to helping you plan your vacation! I have immersed myself into amazing cultures and met the greatest friends along the way.

My favorite location in Britain is London. Being led around the city by friends who are locals, I was able to see so much more than the typical must-see attractions. With so much to offer, there is never a dull moment in London! Outside of Ireland and Britain, my favorite city is Florence, Italy which I was fortunate enough to call home for 8 months. Living abroad and traveling the world has been an eye-opening experience.

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Lasha Elliott- Accounting Manager

My family is originally from St. Kitts. I was born and raised north of Boston. I ahve been working as a professional acountant for the past 20 years. My favorite field of business has always been the travel industry. This goes hand in hand with my love of traveling. I think that everyone should have the opportunity to visit the country of their heritage.

Traveling and experiencing other cultures, around and outside the US, is very important to me. I have been to Hawaii, Alaska, Bahamas, Canada, as well as other numerous parts of the US. I am looking forward to traveling very soon to parts of Europe, Bermuda, and various islands in the Caribbean. Although I have known the owners for over 28 years, I recently started working for Crystal Travel in May of 2015.

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Joe Donnellan- Marketing Manager

I moved to Boston in 2011 and started working at Crystal Travel a year later after spending my life on a farm in the west of Ireland. Having grown up thirty miles from Galway city and attended university there, it is my favorite place in the country but I also really love Westport and Kenmare. They each share a certain, indefinable charm.

Outside of Ireland and Britain, I really like the south of Spain with its laid back lifestyle and sandy beaches, and Kampala, Uganda for its feeling of progression and "joie de vivre". Traveling is, like many other things, something I do not get to do enough of but it is a great way to immerse yourself in different cultures, ways of life and try new foods. It also gives you a better grasp of the world around you.

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Caitlin Potts - Marketing Associate

With Celtic ancestry and a love of all things “across the pond”, I wanted to visit the Emerald Isle since I was a child. I got the chance to do just that when I studied in Northern Ireland during my junior year at Kent State University. Living outside of Belfast was the experience of a lifetime with stunning scenery and a vibrant culture. Many times I felt like I was living in a dream and didn’t want to wake up!

A little bit of Irish luck came my way when I moved to Boston (my favorite place this side of the Atlantic) and began working in marketing at Crystal Travel. It’s really a dream come true to work with such great people who have a common goal to help others see the world. I love being part of a process that helps so many others experience the beauty and adventure that comes with travel. For me, this job is truly a match made in Boston.

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Sabrina Mackler - Product Associate

There was a time in my life when I knew nothing about Ireland aside from the fact that a One Direction band member is from Mullingar - I was a huge fan! I've never been to Ireland (yet) but working at Crystal Travel has definitely put it at the top of my bucket list.

I love traveling. Discovering new places and learning about new cultures has always interested me. My favorite place that I have visited is Australia. In spring of 2016, I studied abroad in Australia. Getting to live there for 5 months was the greatest experience of my life and I miss it everyday! I also encountered some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen while I was there.

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Hugo Kelly - Chief Morale Officer (CMO)

I was taken in by NYC ACC after I was found tied to a stop sign in Harlem and, from there, joined the Kelly and Crystal Travel families in July of 2010. After a tough start in life, I was glad to find a loving home and family. I now split my time between New York and Boston. While in Boston, my chief responsibility is relieving stress among the employees by taking them on brisk walks in the woods.

I love food, especially filet mignon, and frequently convince my coworkers to share their lunch with me. I love to travel, especially by car, and I’m well known by the locals here in West Roxbury. I am in the office most days and I’m very approachable. Be sure to say hello when you come in to book your vacation!

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