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Hugo Kelly | Chief Morale Officer (CMO)

Name: Hugo P. Kelly
Position: CMO (Chief Morale Officer)
Joined Crystal Travel:
July, 2010

I was taken in by Animal Care & Control Center of NYC after I was found tied to a stop sign in Harlem and, from there, joined the Kelly and Crystal Travel families in July of 2010. After a tough start in life, I was glad to find a loving home and family. I now split my time between New York and Boston. While in Boston, my chief responsibility is relieving stress among the employees by taking them on brisk walks in the woods.

I love food, especially filet mignon, and frequently convince my coworkers to share their lunch with me. I love to travel, especially by car, and I’m well known by the locals here in West Roxbury. I am in the office most days and I’m very approachable. Be sure to say hello when you come in to book your vacation!

I'm not much of a talker so here are some pictures of me working!

   100 Spring St, Boston MA, 02132 | 1.617.327.4242