Joe Donnellan

Title: Director of Leisure Travel

I was born and raised in the Galway countryside. I learned how to work hard on our dairy farm and there were days I would milk 800+ cows at 3 different farms. This partly helped me through college in Galway and for about a year after until I decided that wasn’t the life for me.

I absconded to Boston and started working at Crystal Travel a year later and have never looked back. I ended up working in travel by accident but cannot imagine a better or more fulfilling career. 


Favorite tour at the moment: Locals & Legends

Your best travel advice: The world is almost infinitely massive – don’t go where everyone else is going

Best trip ever: Faroe Islands or Dubrovnik with a day tour to Montenegro – it was all about the incredible scenery and culture on both trips.

Tell us something we don’t know about you: Growing up, we used to go on family holidays around Ireland every year and I never appreciated them until I was an adult.