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Kevin Kelly | Business Development

Name: Kevin Kelly
Position: Travel Professional
Joined Crystal Travel:
May 27, 1997
Random Fact About Me: In my grammar school class there were 5
other boys and 3 of us shared the same birthday.

I started full-time with Crystal Travel & Tours in 1997 but I had worked part-time during summers before that since it was a family business. I also worked part-time with Icelandair at Logan Airport.

After 17 years, I enjoy what I do. As one of the world’s largest and oldest industries, traveling and tourism tends to have a positive impact on those it touches. It is great to be part of such an industry.

Growing up, my siblings and I spent several weeks each summer visiting family in Ireland. My mother and father are both from Galway originally, and after many years of going back and forth to Ireland, it was natural that I would meet my wife in a hotel bar in Dublin.

I enjoy visiting the spectacular natural beauty of places like the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant's Causeway. I also find Galway city a great place to visit. In Britain, the Big Pit National Coal Museum in Blaenavon, Wales was an experience. Going down into the mine was an education into how some men(& their horses) made a living not too long ago.

I visited Cape Town, South Africa about twelve years ago with my brother and we really enjoyed the visit. I also love Iceland for its unique geography,Cape Cod in the summer for its lovely beaches, and Manhattan for its great restaurants and bars. My parents exposed me to the travel industry when I was young and I find it exciting. It is also a global one and when I meet trade colleagues from around the world we always have something in common.

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Rent-a-castle Tour

Be Unique. be the King or Queen. With this tour, you stay at just three places in nine nights - and one of them is your very own castle!

There is less packing and unpacking to be done and you won't have to live out of your suitcase.


“We had the unique opportunity to take our whole family (26 of us) to Ireland for a week of special events, but we were utterly unable to deal with the logistics of this trip. We brought this problem to Jim Kelly and his wonderful staff at Crystal Travel and within 10 days they had set us up with hotels, airlines, food, and the bus with a driver. All these reservations were made at a price that was remarkably lower than anything we had been offered elsewhere. Crystal Travel allowed us to make the best trip that we, our children and our grandchildren ever experienced. We will always have fabulous memories of this special week in Ireland and for that we will always be very grateful to our friends at Crystal Travel. “

- Brian & Pat O’Neill, West Roxbury, MA (September 2012)


Kevin -- Hi. Am back safe and sound from the Vienna to Warsaw trip. MANY THANKS for your assistance in all the arrangements. Although I still prefer the Croatia trip, this one had many highlights, and the tour guide was one of the most patient men I've ever met! Vienna was good -- pricey but interesting. I LOVED Krakow. Medieval -- reasonably untouched by the war -- walkable -- interesting shops -- the best Holiday Inn I've ever seen, etc. etc. Auschwitz -- Brutal and disturbing but something everyone should see in his/her lifetime. It was mind-numbing and horrible. Warsaw -- The city park is spectacular, but the rest of the city is sort of blah.Thanks again for all of your assistance with the tour, the airline reservation, and the insurance. As always, your expertise is much appreciated.

- Ann Mitchell (Eastern Europe, October 2015)


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Ireland & Britain


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