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Name: Olivia Fay
Position: Marketing Intern
Joined Crystal Travel:
June 8, 2017
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My ancestors are from Ireland. I have always wanted to travel there but haven't had the opportunity yet. Through my research I have found myself very interested in the Wild Atlantic Way. I love the ocean so the idea of traveling along a coastal route is very cool. I would love to see all the scenic views and try out some of the activities!


My favorite place I have traveled to is Cape Town, South Africa. I loved the view of the mountains with the ocean. I also loved getting to know the culture, volunteering and challenging myself to get outside my comfort zone. I think that traveling is very exciting and is an important experience to have. I also love that working in travel is such a evolving field. This always keeps the work fresh and exciting!



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Game of Thrones Tour

To many Game of Thrones fans, Westeros is a real place.

To the people of Northern Ireland, it is home.

Northern Ireland is the principle location for filming of this hit HBO series.

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Ireland & Britain


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