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Sabrina Mackler | Product Associate

Name: Sabrina Mackler
Position: Product Associate
Joined Crystal Travel:
May 11, 2017

There was a time in my life when I knew nothing about Ireland aside from the fact that a One Direction band member is from Mullingar - I was a huge fan!


I love traveling. Discovering new places and learning about new cultures has always interested me. My favorite place that I have visited is Australia. In spring of 2016, I studied abroad in Australia. Getting to live there for 5 months was the greatest experience of my life and I miss it everyday! I also encountered some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen while I was there.








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My Favorite Tour

Game of Thrones Tour

To many Game of Thrones fans, Westeros is a real place.

To the people of Northern Ireland, it is home.

Northern Ireland is the principle location for filming of this hit HBO series.

Favorite Destinations

Below are some of my favorite destinations I have had the pleasure of visiting and exploring...                           

Ireland & Britain


Bucket List

... and I can only hope I get to see some of the places below as they are quite well scattered around the globe.


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