Ann Mitchell

Kevin -- Hi.

Am back safe and sound from the Vienna to Warsaw trip. MANY THANKS for your assistance in all the arrangements.

Although I still prefer the Croatia trip, this one had many highlights, and the tour guide was one of the most patient men I've ever met! Vienna was good -- pricey but interesting. I LOVED Krakow. Medieval -- reasonably untouched by the war -- walkable -- interesting shops -- the best Holiday Inn I've ever seen, etc. etc. Auschwitz -- Brutal and disturbing but something everyone should see in his/her lifetime. It was mind-numbing and horrible. Warsaw -- The city park is spectacular, but the rest of the city is sort of blah.

Thanks again for all of your assistance with the tour, the airline reservation, and the insurance. As always, your expertise is much appreciated.

Ann Mitchell (Eastern Europe, October 2015)

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