Christine & Michael

Thanks Ann!

We had a great time, both in London and in Bath. We really loved the quaint charm of Bath. The day tour was great. We had a really nice tour guide (Kevin) who was extremely knowledgeable and an overall, good chap. We appreciated that the group was small (around 12 persons), and the fact that we were the first tour group at Stonehenge that morning. There was hardly anyone there and made visiting that much more enjoyable, quiet and peaceful. Nice little tour van where throughout our drives, Kevin would educate us on the history of places and pointed out things to see and stopped to take pictures. At each stop we had opps to snack, use restrooms, etc. He gave our group mini tours of Avebury and Lacock which was also nice, rather than just setting us loose to explore.

Everything went flawlessly, the train ride, hotel, tour. Thank you so much for assisting us with this. That's two good trips in a row.

Best, Christine & Michael, CA (April, 2016)

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