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FAQs About Resorts and All-Inclusive

Are All-Inclusive Resorts all the same?
Definitely not. Resorts range from couples only to family resorts and from active to quiet. Each resort caters to a unique clientele - even resorts within the same chain. Let us help you find the one that satisfies you!

• What type of ID is required for travel in the Caribbean and Mexico?
A valid passport book - not the card - is required to travel anywhere outside the U.S. or U.S.Territories. Passport cards can only be used if you are walking or driving across a border. It is best to have your passport not expire less than six months from your return date.

• What about tipping?
Tipping is not required and usually included in your overall price, and at some resorts it is prohibited. At resorts where it is not prohibited, tipping a few dollars can go a long way.

• Are there activities at All-Inclusive Resorts?
Each all-inclusive Resort has organized activities during the day and at night. You can participate in these activities if you choose or you can opt out and do your own thing. This also includes kids organized activities.

• It sounds too good to be true!
As with any vacation, selecting the right resort that caters to your criteria is a major contributor to an unforgettable trip. At All-Inclusive Resorts, the staff members are dedicated to using their unbiased knowledge and experience to make sure your resort vacation meets or exceeds your expectations.


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