10 Reasons to Visit Scotland in the Off Season

People often balk at the idea of traveling in the off-season. Some simply can’t get the time off work but for those who can, traveling in the period between October and February can be even more rewarding than traveling in high-season – especially when it comes to countries like Scotland where weather plays less of a factor. Below we outline 10 reasons why you should consider visiting Scotland in the lesser traveled winter months.

1. Even on its darkest, rainiest, windiest days, Scotland is stunning.

2. And when the sun does shine, you will be in awe of just how much more beautiful it can be.

3. It’s less expensive to travel off-season so you can stay in a really nice hotel.

4. You’ll have the place to yourself

5. You will be filled with Christmas spirit after witnessing Scotland’s Christmas Markets.

6. You’ll get to warm up by a turf fire at the end of the day.

7. You might just be lucky enough to stumble upon a Scottish wedding.

8. The locals are friendly, furry and very cute.

9. Snow-capped mountains provide an impressive backdrop to ancient castles and make you think you have stumbled upon a fairy-tale.

10. Whether it’s the off-season or the high season, Scotland is amazing. If you have the opportunity to visit, just go and experience it for yourself! And have a “wee dram” for us! Slàinte mhath!

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