6 Reasons To Visit Iceland

All year round, Iceland is full of excitement and activities everyone can enjoy. From grassy fields and hot springs to volcanoes and glaciers, there are endless gems to discover. Iceland is a one stop shop for adventure and relaxation all in one. These are our six favorite reasons you should go and experience The Land of Ice and Fire.

Iceland Northern Lights

  1. Aurora Borealis and the Midnight Sun

Iceland is a land of extreme opposites.  Summer is almost 24 hours of  light while winter is almost 24 hours of dark.  The dark months of the year are the best time to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights dancing across the sky.  Though hard to predict, they are a must see on your winter trip to Iceland.  On the other hand, if you can’t visit during this time of year, you’re still in for a treat during the summer months with the Midnight Sun. The sun is only down a few short hours during the summer and hits the horizon for stunning sunsets around midnight near the time of the Summer Solstice.

Iceland Blue Lagoon

  1. Geothermal Baths

While Iceland may be covered in hot springs, there are a few that are particularly eye catching. The first one you don’t want to miss is the Blue lagoon. If you’re into a spa treatment and populated feel, then the blue lagoon is perfect for you! If you’d rather be in a more secluded area, the Landmannalaugar or Leirubakki Springs  might be more your style.  Either way, these geothermal baths are the perfect opportunity for relaxation!  


  1. WildlifeIcelandic Horse

Frolicking throughout Iceland’s rustic terrain are the wild Icelandic horses. They are native to Iceland and the only breed of horses allowed on the island!  Going on a horseback riding tour is essential for your Iceland experience. Not all of Iceland’s wildlife is on the mainland though. A popular wildlife tour is whale watching. This gives you the chance to not only see the different species of whales, but also dolphins, seals, arctic foxes, puffins and other creatures that roam near or in the water. 

  1. Natural WondersIceland Nature

If you’re a fan of nature and its phenomena’s, you’ve come to the right place.  Iceland has about too many to count. The island is full of adventures to take to explore Iceland’s geography and three different national parks.  From volcanoes to glaciers and everything in between- Iceland has it all.  Since Iceland is an active volcano hot-spot with 30 different active systems, it won’t be hard to find one you want to take on.  The glaciers can be explored  through snowmobile tours, glacier hiking, or ice climbing. With these two amazing wonders, it’s no surprise Iceland earned the nickname of ‘The Land of Fire and Ice!’

  1. CitiesReykjavik

Iceland’s capital is the city of Reykjavik, which is the largest and most visited city on the island.  Húsavík was the first area of land that was settled in Iceland and has a beautiful, historic look to it.  Seyðisfjörður is said to be one of the most breath-taking cities to visit while in Iceland, with its vibrant feel, gorgeous terrain , and stunning waterfalls, this coast-side city is a must see!

  1. HistoryIceland Village

Iceland is full of rich history with many stories to tell. There are many popular sites to seek out as well as unpopular (but just ainteresting and cool) to find throughout your time there. Iceland was first settled by monks and Viking colonies in the 8th century. From statues to Leaf Erickson to historical markets like Gasir, you’ll get a proper dosage of Icelandic history and culture during your time there.


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