7 Reasons Why People Should Take a Group Tour

People often wonder what the best type of vacation is for them. Here we make the case for traveling with a group. Groups can consist of 10 people that you do know or 100 that you don’t – or vice versa or both. There can be a special reason for traveling such as a family reunion in the land of your ancestors, or no reason at all except for a group of friends who have similar tastes and wish to experience them together.

Never Alone

Sometimes traveling in a party of two can be difficult as trying to decide on what places to visit and sites to see can be overwhelming. Traveling in a group however, means there are a wider variety of people with similar interests. Our group tours can consist of people who have been fast friends for years or a group of strangers who just share similar interests – some with a mixture of both. You are automatically widening your circle of companions and there will be lots of people to share the exact vacation you want.


Having a tour director by your side takes the stress out of your vacation. All of your transfers and excursions are well thought-out and planned ahead of time. The tour director is also on stand-by to help alleviate any issues that pop up with traveling. Your only responsibility is to sit back and enjoy each stop on your itinerary. All of our groups have a group leader who is with the group from the early planning stages until long after the trip has concluded. The best part – no one drives which is enough stress reduction on its own.

See The Best Bits And Some Hidden Gems

An organized group tour guarantees that the most important sites are included in the tour while also including some hidden gems that you may not discover on your own. It also ensures that you maximize the use of your time and allocates the required amount of time for each attraction. Blindly planning your own trip can work out well but leaving it to an expert who has planned dozens of similar group trips means that they know what works best.

Learn From The Rest

Each member of the group can bring a different perspective to the tour and this allows you to learn more about a particular location or indeed enhance your opinion about a particular site. You can learn a lot on a group tour. The driver alone is a font of knowledge who can tell you more about a location as you drive past it than reading any guide book would.

Cost Effective

Traveling alone or in twos can often be expensive as you end up relying with the ‘go with the flow’ approach. You may end up stopping several times as your journey progresses which makes the trip expensive. However, as a group tour is pre-arranged you will already have most of your transportation, accommodation, attractions and even meals paid for before you leave. You also know exactly what each day will entail so it can help you to budget.

medium-_DSC0616 WestCorkUnique Experiences

Group tours get to enjoy things that some travelers simply do not. Our State Police group march in a St Patrick’s Day parade every time they go over. Our Boston Gathering group enjoyed a private mass in Knock, celebrated by a priest who was on the trip. Our Larry Reynolds group stopped at the side of a road and was treated to an impromptu lesson on the importance of turf (peat moss) in Ireland. Some experiences are bigger than others but each group tour will be filled with them. With so many different people and personalities, it would be difficult not to.

Friends For Life

Group tours are a great way of building up your network of friends. You automatically create a bond with the members of the group as you share lifelong memories and experiences together. You may even plan another tour with some of these friends. Sharing new experiences in another country or reuniting in a familiar country (i.e. family reunion) are the kind of things that bond people for life and make them want to further their adventures with each other over and over.

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