Top 5 Haunted Castles in Ireland and Britain

In honor of All Hallow’s Eve, we’ve put together our picks of the most haunted castles in Ireland and Britain. Read on, if you dare!


5. Conwy Castle (Wales)

Built between 1283 and 1289, Conwy Castle is a highly popular destination in Wales. Visitors and locals alike have reported strange accounts like the distinct smell of incense in the upstairs chapel and apparitions of people in period dress gazing out of the windows. Black silhouettes of monks and men in armour are also prone to appear in its ancient halls.

4. Warwick Castle (England)

Many spirits are said to haunt this castle situated in Warwickshire. Visitors claim to hear cries for help from Sir Faulke who once lived there and was stabbed by one of his most trusted servants. More famously known is a large black dog with red eyes who foams at the mouth. According to legend, the dog is part of a curse placed on the castle by servant Moll Bloxham. The dog appeared after she was caught stealing from the Earl and was brutally tortured. People claim to hear his growls and paws along the ancient flooring at odd hours of the night.

3. Edinburgh Castle (Scotland)

This is said to be one of the most haunted places in allegedly the most haunted city in Europe. A phantom piper, headless drummer and prisoners from the American Revolutionary war are just a few of the spirits thought to reside there. A 10-day study conducted by the Edinburgh International Science Festival reported the tugging of clothes and sudden temperature drops, as well as unexplained orbs in photos.

2. Dunluce Castle (Northern Ireland) Haunted Castles

The Banshee of Dunluce Castle is one of the best known figures of Irish hauntings. As the story goes, Maeve Roe refused to marry her betrothed because she loved Reginald O’Cahan instead. Lord MacQuillan, her father and also the castle’s ruler, held her captive in the north eastern tower as punishment. Reginald rescued Maeve, but their happiness was short lived as they both drowned at sea right after. Today, many castle visitors claim to hear her screams and wails in the same tower she was held captive.

1. Leap Castle (Ireland)

With a long, violent history, Leap Castle is said to be the most haunted castle in the world. Both visitors and locals know to beware the dark, mysterious figure known as the Elemental. Many believe this treacherous entity was placed in the area, long before the castle’s construction, by ancient druids. Others say it is the spirit of someone who died within the castle, itself. As the story goes, Mildred Darby’s fascination with the occult and séances within the castle are what awoke the Elemental. She claimed to come face to face with it many times, and legend has it, it still roams the halls to this day.

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