Your Destination Wedding Guide

So you’re considering a destination wedding? Planning your big day can be overwhelming at the best of times, but considering all of the possible destinations, the options can seem endless. We’ve compiled a list of things to consider when planning the destination wedding of your dreams.

1.    I do! But, where to? Where do you want to get married? It may seem like an obvious question but one idea can lead to another and another. Is there a destination that holds a special place in your heart? Perhaps there’s a place you and your fiancé have dreamed of visiting? Now’s your chance.

Exploring wedding venues at Cliffs of Moher Ireland2.   What sort of venue would you like? Will your happily ever after begin in a magical Scottish castle surrounded by your loved ones? Or, maybe you’d prefer to say your nuptials outdoors looking out onto the Cliffs of Moher? It’s your day. Make it what you want. 

3.   How many people do you plan to invite? Keep in mind, they aren’t just hopping in a car and driving to the church in the next town over. Will you keep it small and intimate or do you have many loved ones willing to travel? Perhaps you have friends and family already living in or near the destination you’ve chosen. The destination you choose will take into consideration the number of people you are inviting and how easy it will be for them to get there.

4.   What’s your budget? While it’s not always the most fun topic, finances are important to make note of upfront. Sound stressful? Don’t fret! Crystal Travel works with international vendors saving you time and money.

5.   Where do you want to stay? Maybe you want to meet locals and stay in a traditional B&B? Or, perhaps, your wedding calls for a night in a 5-star castle? Will your guests stay in the same accommodations? These are all important factors to consider when you have lots of friends and family following your lead.

6.  Pounds, Euros, Dollars… A slightly more boring part of the consideration process is the exchange rate. This can have an impact on your payment and financial freedom while you are there. This is one of the many details your agent can assist you with during the planning process.

7.   What is it about the destination that makes it so special to you and your partner? Are you looking to showcase the country’s culture throughout your wedding? Maybe you want local musicians from the area to play traditional songs. Perhaps you want a reading given in the Irish language. The opportunities are endless!

Exploring wedding venues in Cork Ireland
8.  When do you want the wedding to take place? The destination covers the ‘where’ part, but the ‘when’ can also be impacted by travel seasons. Peak season may cost more but will offer better weather. If you’re planning a winter wedding, travel conditions should be factored in.

9.   Do you want to see the venue in person to provide a better idea for planning? Some places you just have to witness for yourself! Your agent can assist with this.

10. What will you do for transportation when you’re there? Renting a car will give you both the freedom to come and go as you please. Additionally, a chauffeur will take away all the fuss of worrying about getting lost. Looking into transportation routes and options for your guests is also a good idea.

11.  Most importantly: Take in every moment of this exciting period in life. These are the moments you’ll look back on for years to come. It’s all about cherishing them with your partner as you begin this new, precious chapter.


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