Iceland is not a destination - It's an adventure!

Travel to Iceland to experience the stunning Icelandic nature, the beauty of the rugged landscape and the creativity of the Icelandic people. Come to Iceland to enjoy your vacation, or find the perfect setting for your conference or your incentive trip. Let Iceland be your inspiration.


What to See & Do

Iceland has plenty to offer the adventurous. Whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors, or just experience daily life in the city, there are activities and opportunities to meet your needs.

Do you want to spend a day atop a glacier? That can be arranged. Would you prefer to walk, use a snowmobile, or travel in a super-jeep? It is your choice. Would you rather go whale watching? Or bird watching? Ride a bicycle? Or experience subliminal waterfalls? See what a spurting geyser really looks like? This is all within reach.

Or possibly, you are the adventurous type? The kind who needs an adrenaline rush to feel alive? Then perhaps you want to go river rafting in a challenging glacial river? Or diving in some of the unique locations around the country? Ice climbing on a vertical glacial wall? Or surf the open waves of the North Atlantic?

Or perhaps you would like to go fishing? What is your preferred catch? Would you prefer lakes, streams or the open ocean? Possibly ice fishing is your thing?
Or just maybe you would rather enjoy the culture and the opportunities of the city? Visit a museum or enjoy the fresh local cuisine? Or both? Or play a little golf and then wind down the day in a relaxing geothermal pool?


Food & Drink

Iceland enjoys some of the best fresh materials in the world.

Icelandic fish is renowned for its quality, caught in unpolluted waters, harvested in a responsible manner, and produced to the highest standards. Icelandic lamb is also a source of pride, bred in clean natural environment and known for its tender and tasteful meat. "Skyr," a dairy-based product similar to yoghurt, made popular by its fresh taste and high-protein / low-fat levels, is another unique delicacy awaiting you in Iceland.

As Iceland adopted to foreign influences in the 20th century, these, and other, fresh ingredients have become the staple of a proud food culture. Icelandic cuisine is at once both deeply rooted in traditions and inspired by the elements of the New Nordic Cuisine movement. Icelandic restaurants enjoy some of the purest materials available, bred and caught in an unpolluted natural environment.

In Iceland, food, culture and traditon are closely intertwined. In order to survive under harsh conditions, Icelanders preserved food by means of either fermentation, typically in whey or brine, and in some cases smoked. Traditional Icelandic food is celebrated during the ancient month of "Thorri."


Where to Stay

In Iceland, there are more ways to spend the night than you would imagine. Especially during summer, when the midnight sun may test your tolerance for sleep deprivation.

No matter if you are traveling on a budget, or opting for luxury, you will find accommodation to fit your needs. Find a beautiful little guesthouse, or a friendly bed and breakfast out in the country, or score a suite in the city. Grab a tent and a sleeping bag or stay with a farmer. Or rent a summerhouse. Or an apartment. The choice is yours.


Reykjavik - Iceland's Capital

As you’ll soon discover for yourself, Reykjavík is so much more than just a destination; it’s a place of exciting possibilities surrounded by incredible landscapes, where countless adventures beckon and a host of natural wonders await. Whether you’re seeking the bustling energy of our cosmopolitan city, the thundering thermal energy in the ground beneath your feet, or the quiet green serenity of the surrounding landscapes, Reykjavík promises a unique experience for all who visit!

Reykjavík may be one of the smallest capital cities in Europe, but it still packs a powerful cultural punch, where visitors can enjoy a multitude of various events and festivals all year round! With a fascinating history rooted in the great Sagas and its unique location within a land of diverse landscapes – all filled to the brim with beautiful nature, Reykjavík manages to combine a terrific blend of hip and wholesome, but without the stress that usually follows a cosmopolitan metropolis. In fact Icelanders are considered to be so easy-going and gregarious, that they’ve just added a new travel accolade to their growing collection, this time for being the friendliest nation in the world!

Whether illuminated by the unending daylight of summertime or the spectacular Northern Lights during the winter, Reykjavík has become a popular alternative travel destination for all seasons, offering a myriad of adventures and a paradise of possibilities for all who visit!

From the Vikings of old, to the architects and innovators of contemporary culture, many different groups have influenced the shaping of the capital area into the vibrant city it is today – a city which is said to buzz with creative energy and passion. This feel-good-factor people tend to experience whilst visiting could have something to do with the pristine air or pure drinking water, or perhaps it's the proximity of all those extraordinary natural wonders, such as volcanoes and glaciers. Whatever is it, one thing’s for sure, once you’ve been introduced, it’s hard to let go or say goodbye.

While Reykjavík maintains its small-town feel, it’s still a modern European capital with all the governmental institutions you’d expect to find in a metropolitan city, with the added bonus of having a unique spa and pool culture. Here you’ll discover a thriving culinary scene with many outstanding restaurants, and a diverse cultural life, with a variety of interesting museums, theatres, galleries, sports facilities and some first class universities. So however long you stay, we hope you’ll discover the energy of Reykjavík and share your adventures with your family and friends!

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