Daniel & Cristina C.

Hi Ann,

Thanks for asking about our trip. If Ireland was closer I think we would move there tomorrow! It is just an amazing country in every way. We did not care too much for Dublin because it is a bit dirty and we saw a number of street people but the accommodations were excellent. I regretted not having taken a swimsuit when I saw the pool and spa in the lower level. Very nice! Breakfast, awesome! Phyllis at Ashleigh was great, although I think we would have preferred to spend one of those nights in the Killarney area. There is so much to see there.

Muckross Stables was very good also. The problem was that my wife had difficulty with the faucets because of her hands. But it was very good. Although the surroundings are beautiful, it is a bit far out and we got lost one evening.

Doolin was very nice also even the room was smaller but B was great and even turned on the heater without us asking.

Gerry McDowell and Mary probably offered the best B&B experience overall. Great hosts!

There really aren't words that would adequately describe Ashford Castle. Superlative in every way.

The food was simple but very good. We did not have anything we did not like. No canned ingredients.

We prayed for good weather and the Lord came through. One day was rainy and windy all day but we saw the sun at least part of every other day.

Best trip ever!




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