Pembrokeshire | Wales

Pembrokeshire is a lovely holiday destination known for its spectacular coastal scenery. Beaches here have won many awards. The county has a diverse geography with a wide range of habitats and wildlife. There’s so much to see and do here, most of which include outdoor activities. Golden sand beaches, towering cliffs, diverse wildlife, and fun water sport activities are just some of the attractions that keep people visiting Pembrokeshire. This county provides visitors with wonderful coastal experiences year-round.

St. David’s Cathedral

Located on the most westerly point of Wales is St. David’s Cathedral, one of the great historic shrines of Christendom. The cathedral is great for exploring. Discover the historic importance as you make your way through the library, exhibitions, and Tower Gate House and Bell Tower.


Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

The Pembrokeshire coast is gorgeous and a must-see visit for nature lovers. The national park is perfect for wildlife-watching, walking, and water sports. You can also find beautiful plant-life and beaches throughout the area. There are also many monuments and sites of historic interest to explore!



Tenby is an iconic Victorian seaside town in Pembrokeshire. It’s a lovely, charming town and it looks just like a postcard picture. The town has three great beaches and two nice golf courses. The harbor thrives with its boating and fishing community. You can book a fishing trip or kayak through the harbor!


Carew Castle & Tidal Mill

Carew Castle and Tidal Mill has a rich history going back over 2,000 years. Its stunning location overlooks a large millpond. A visit here will give you insight into the unique heritage of the castle and you’ll get to see why this castle is one of the most architecturally diverse in all of Wales.


Stackpole Nature Reserve

Come and explore the gorgeous stretch of coastline in Stackpole. There’s so much to see and do including checking out the sandy beaches and peaceful wooded valleys, wildlife-rich ponds, and walking trails. For more adventurous options, there’s kayaking and coasteering. There is so much beauty here, you’ll definitely want to stay as long as possible and soak up all the seaside scenery.


Ramsey Island

This island is just off St David’s Head in Pembrokeshire. It’s a real gem of wildlife habitat, kind of like the Galapagos of the Pembrokeshire coast. A boat trip here gives visitors the opportunity to experience the beauty of this amazing island nature reserve. The high sea cliffs and large variety of birds are here and ready to be admired!

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