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Custom Vacations | Iceland

We love to plan every detail of your vacation!

Our favorite thing to do is to take your vacation idea and turn it into reality. While other travel agencies take a prepackaged tour and try to force it to work with your plans, we take your wishes and shape them into the perfect vacation - one tiny detail at a time.

  • Why are you traveling? Ancestry? Cultural experience? Knitting festival?
  • What specific areas do you want to see? Do you family hail from a small town in County Leitrim? Have you always wanted to visit a town with the same name as your own?
  • Will there be children on the trip? What are the sleeping arrangements?

Inquiry Stage

  • Fill out our quote form or call us at 888.327.2862 with as much information as possible
  • If we need any more information, we will email or call you back (If you don't want us to call, we won't).
  • We will get to work on your itinerary.
  • Within 48 hours you will receive the first draft of your itinerary.
  • If for any reason (price, accommodation type, activities, etc) the itinerary is not perfect, we will work with you until it is.
  • If your plans change or we cannot come up with the perfect vacation plan for you, there's no pressure from us. 

Booking Stage

  • When we get to perfection, we will confirm all of your plans with our vendors.
  • We take a deposit from you to guarantee the booking.
  • We are always available to answer any questions you have about your upcoming vacation.
  • After we receive full payment, we mail out physical documents to you for your trip. While this may seem old-school, we think there is a certain comfort to having the physical documents for your trip.

Travel Stage (and beyond)

  • Enjoy your perfect custom vacation.
  • We are available 24/7 for any unforeseen circumstances that may affect your vacation.
  • Tell us all about your vacation when you return!


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