8 Day Rent-a-Cottage | Ireland's Ancient East

Why choose a self-catering holiday cottage or vacation home in Ireland? This type of vacation gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, meet friendly Irish people and embrace the real Ireland.

Self-catering accommodation is great value especially for longer stays, and for families or larger groups. Self-catering holiday houses offer real living space, instead of just a place to sleep. You won't feel the need to be gone for the entire day - instead you will have a place to call home for the week.

We offer a large selection of self-catering holiday homes, slated cottages as well as traditional thatched cottages in scenic locations throughout the island of Ireland. Quality, location and proximity to attractions are a must for each of our properties. We offer our clients pet friendly holiday homes, self catering holidays for sports enthusiasts, Irish holiday homes that offer families a home away from home.

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