Ancient East | Ireland


Experience 5,000 years of history in one week

Peel back the layers of Ireland's history to reveal what influenced the Irish before they went on to shape the world.

Ireland is famous for her enchanting stories and her fabled storytellers. Meet the people and hear their stories in towns and villages all across Ireland's Ancient East where you will find an engaging authenticity that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Start exploring Ireland's Ancient East now.



Come to Ireland's Ancient East to immerse yourself in 5000 years of history and explore the stunning lush green landscapes. With many must-see attractions, this is the perfect tour to discover what...
Discover 5000 years of history in Ireland's Ancient East and explore the stunning lush green landscapes. Continue over to the Scottish Highlands and enjoy the magnificent landscapes, rugged...
From $948 per person sharing land only... Not as wild as the West but just as wonderful. This is not a tour for tourists - it is a tour for wanderers, for dreamers, for poets. The West of Ireland...
Ireland's Ancient East is a well sign-posted route through the east and south of Ireland with an abundance of historical attractions.
Use one of Ireland's extraordinary landmarks as your base to explore the Ancient East and instead of just seeing the history - live it.
This type of vacation gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, meet friendly Irish people and embrace the real Ireland.
Discover, 5000 years of history including; The Battle of the Boyne, Newgrange, Clonmacnoise and many more historical sights along the Ancient East route.

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