Alnwick Castle, the Northumberland Coast & the Borders | Edinburgh Day Tour

Explore the fantastical world of Harry Potter's Hogwarts and discover the historic and beautiful Borders.

Places you explore

  • Kelso - A ruined abbey, a stunning, cobbled town square, and beautiful boutique shops.
  • The Boarders - The gentle valleys and rolling hills are a delight to explore.
  • Alnwick Castle - This gorgeous castle was used as a set for both Harry Potter and Downton Abbey.
  • Northumberland Coastline - This captivating coastline is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • River Tweed - A graceful, salmon-filled river that winds through the borders.
  • East Lothian - Home to famous golf courses and expanses of splendid green farming plains.

Your Journey

You can admit it.

When you read Harry Potter you dreamed of becoming a wizard. And who wouldn’t? Casting spells, reading magical books, and flying on broomsticks would be incredible.

And although this dream may never happen, on this tour we can give you the next best thing. We take you to the setting for Hogwarts at Alnwick Castle. It’s a grand castle that’s as magical as it is historically fascinating.

If you’re not into Harry Potter, you’ll still discover gorgeous historic towns, fascinating tales, and beautiful views on this exceptional tour of the borders of Scotland and England.

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