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Hadrian's Wall, Roman Britian & the Scottish Borders | Edinburgh Day Tour

Explore the incredible Hadrian’s Wall and the Scottish Borders on this day tour from Edinburgh.


Places you explore

  • The Boarders - The gentle valleys and rolling hills are a pleasure to explore.
  • Jedburgh - A beautiful market town that Mary Queen of Scots famously visited.
  • Steel Rigg - Go for a lovely walk alongside the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Hadrian's Wall - The wildest and most northerly frontier of the ancient Roman Empire.


Your Journey

The Romans came, they saw, but they couldn’t quite conquer.

After centuries of raiding, plundering, and fighting the ancient north of Britannia, they decided to build a wall.

But this isn’t just any wall, it’s an astounding achievement. It showcases the might of the ancient Roman Empire and illustrates how the Roman's interacted with tribal Britain.

This tour takes you to the most interesting parts and lets you learn about Rome’s influence on Britain, while also giving you a chance to explore the gentle rolling hills of the borders, and visit an ancient abbey.

It’s perfect for anyone fascinated by the collision of cultures and quintessential British landscapes.

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