Outlander | Scotland

Experience the land that inspired writer Diana Gabalon and the TV producers. The ancient and mysterious standing stones, dramatic castles, magnificent stately homes and breathtaking landscapes make for an inspiring journey. Not only was the series inspired in Scotland but it was partly filmed on location in Scotland. Discover the sites in Scotland that double as the fictional land of Claire and Jamie.

You can experience the mystical world of Outlander with your own trip to Scotland. Our 8 Day Outlander tour is self-guided and allows you to see all the spots as you please over the course of a week.

Outlander: The Past Lives Experience provides a unique opportunity to see filming locations and delve intopast lives. Husband and wife Any and Di are passionate about Outlander,the Highlands and reincarnation. They offer escorted Outlander tourswith a personal touch.To hear them discuss their tours and learn all about Outlander filming locations, check out our Outlander episode of 50 Reasons to Visit Britain.

Influences of Outlander:

  • Inverness - Roam the streets of Inverness where Claire’s adventure begins on her second honeymoon. You can trace your roots in the Highlands at the Highland Archive Center and uncover your family’s Scottish history. You can also venture beyond Inverness to the mysterious Craigh na Dun which swept Claire back in time. The nearby Clava Cairns is said to have provided inspiration for the site. Visit it to experience the mystical atmosphere!
  • Loch Ness - Spend some time in Loch Ness. Watch for the legendary Loch Ness Monster Nessie, which is referred to in the Outlander book as the water horse. You can take a cruise along the calm waters of Loch Ness for a relaxing afternoon. Also, be sure to check out the beautiful ruins of Urquhart Castle, which is perched on a rocky peninsula on the edge of the loch. This acts as a perfect place to stop for a picnic to take in the beauty.
  • Great Glen Way - Journey along the Caledonian Canal and the Great Glen Way towards Fort William. This romantic environment offers a magical mix of native Caledonian pine forest, glistening lochs and enchanting moorlands. You can enjoy the Great Glen Way on foot or horseback and experience what the newly-weds Claire and Jamie did. As you approach Fort William the views of the mountain become more and more magnificent.
  • Culloden Battlefield - Visit the Culloden Battlefield which is where Claire and Jamie said their tearful goodbyes. This eerie atmospheric is the site where many clans fought in the 1745 Jacobite Rising. When visiting the battlefield you can learn more about the events leading up to, during and after the Battle of Culloden at the award-winning Culloden Battlefield Visitor Center. The visitor center has an interactive exhibition along with immersive film and a battlefield tour. This is a great place to visit because of all the history it represents.
  • Edinburgh's Royal Mile - Scotland’s capital city is the setting for a number of scenes in the books and the show. Visit Edinburgh to wander the beautiful cobbled street and narrow winds of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh’s Old Tour. This is the location where Claire and Jamie reunite after 20 years. The area is packed full of history including the Canogate and Holyrood sections which are truly fascinating. Be sure to visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse which is where Claire and Jamie beseeched the Prince to abandon his hopeless cause. The palace is the official residence of The Queen of Scotland.


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