Theresa | Switzerland & Paris | December, 2023



How would you rate your trip?

Who was your travel expert?


How were your accommodations?

Great! Beausite hotel was perfect! Lobby and restaurants to lounge, spa to relax, view to enjoy and consierge helped us a lot! Trains throughout Switzerland were excellent, clean, convenient, on time, comfortable! Entire trip planned by Ann was five star!

Did everything go smoothly with your transportation?

Yes. Hotel d’Orsay in Paris had the friendliest staff and location was perfect for us walkers! The trains you booked for us were so easy with wonderful comfort which offered us stress free travel! So grateful.

What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy?

Skiing the Alps from Switzerland into Italy for a cappuccino in the mountains then back to Zermatt, cog rail sightseeing train up to Gornergrat, fondue in the great little city, train ride first class to Paris. Walking the Seine, sidewalk cafes in the winter, list goes on.

What was your favorite part of the trip?

The stress free feeling of knowing Ann booked and confirmed everything for us and gave us helpful tips. Because she had been to Switzerland and France, her familiarity with these great countries was a comfort to us knowing she could recommend things to us from her first-hand knowledge.

Would you travel with us again? 


How can we improve for next time?

Nothing. This was my fourth trip booked through Ann and my fifth is in May 2024. She has booked for small group of 4 up to 12 of us. For me and my family, booking with Ann and all the helpful people at Chrystal Travel is the only way to go!

Any other questions or comments?

Thank you for taking such great care of us!