Linda K


Where you were on this trip: Ireland

How would you rate your trip overall?:

Who was your Travel Expert?: Ann

How were your accommodations?: Great

What did you love?: Loved Whitestream Ballina hosts and location. Loved Girmish hosts and close to Galway and nice room. Loved room at Headly Court, nice host stayed one night.

Did everything go smoothly with your transportation?: Yes

What did you love?: Seeing family and how easy it was getting around and doing all things in the amount of time

What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy?: Saw family but recommend around Mayo Achil, Salthill , Westport

What was your favorite part of the trip?: Seeing family

Would you travel with us again?: Yes

How can we improve for next time?:
Nothing to improve


Linda K (August 2017)

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