Denise was part of a large group from the Massachusetts state police that work with Crystal Travel frequently to make arrangements to go to Ireland during the St. Patrick day celebrations.

How would you rate your trip? 5/5
Who was your travel expert? Josie
How were your accommodations? Great
What did you love? The location, scenery, food choices & hospitality at Salthill in Galway.
The location, scenery, food choices (very good breakfast options), nightly entertainment & the hospitality at Skellig in Dingle.
The location & hospitality at Imperial in Cork. There could have been more food options especially for breakfast.
Did everything go smoothly with your transportation? Yes
What did you love? The flight was fine. Both our drivers were wonderful!
What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy? My maternal ancestors were from Ireland, visiting there is like, (to quote John Denver), “going home to a place I’ve never been before”, I loved everywhere. I do wish we had made it to Blarney but we already paid for other attractions before learning of the schedule change.
What was your favorite part of the trip? The country and the people.
Would you travel with us again? Yes
How can we improve for next time? Just keep doing what you’ve been doing.
Denise also said “I traveled with the Massachusetts State Police. While Paddy & Josie both were with us, I mostly spoke with Josie. My son, (a Lynn, MA police officer), had to remain in Ireland a few extra days, Josie was wonderful about keeping in contact with us and very reassuring about the whole situation. Also, Pat and James are the best bus drivers, along with Paddy who drove us in 2020, they are amazing in their knowledge and charm.”