Dennis D. | Ireland | July, 2017

Hi Amanda

It was an awesome trip. Everyone had a great time. By far Dingle was our favorite. The kids went fishing in addition to catching a ton of fish we saw seals and Fungie the dolphin.
The bars there were the best, every bar had music everynite. John Benny’s bar actually cooked the fish we caught.

You have to warn people about the 9:00 shut off rule for most of the restaurants. Even in the cities like Killarney the kitchen closes at 9. That plus it stays light till 10 kept throwing us off time wise. We came close on missing dinner a couple of times. Killarney is a great spot to view Ross Castle, Torc Waterfalls, muckRoss House and the Killarney National Park ( absolutely breath taking).

The hotel in Dingle wasn’t as nice as the the other hotels. The staff and food were excellent, but it’s noisy and a lot of people moving around all hours of the nite. The rooms weren’t any where as nice as the Trident or the Fairview or the one in Ennis. Hotel wise the Fairview was our favorite. Excellent staff, the rooms were spacious and had a jacuzzi . Perfect spot in Killarney, ya stones through from restaurants and the pubs.

The Trident in Kinsale was very nice as well. Not much entertainment at the pubs. Only a couple pubs offered music , I was a little surprised. Although there was a Scottish or Welch maitre’e from the hotel restaurant (Pier One) who the best, the kids loved him. He went out of his way to help us, he was just a great host with great sense of humor.

The hotel in Ennis was my favorite because it had AC, thank God there wasn’t a heatwave over there. The pub is very nice as well as the music talent they had. It’s a perfect location only 20/30 mins to Shannon and we were able to squeeze in the Cliffs of Mohar in the rain. Although only last day it rained otherwise it was pretty good weather

The van was perfect, excellent on gas. Just a warning to future travelers that it’s best to get the insurance coverage. Two people in front of me had to pay for scraped rims and tires. They were irate. Someone apparently backed into us in Dingle, that and a couple lost hubcaps. All I did was fill out a report of what happened and I was on my way. The other people were out of pocket hundreds and were there for 20/30 mins dealing with claims

Rolf’s in Baltimore was nice as well. The breakfast was very good. We didn’t do dinner there, but people seemed enjoy their meals. Each room had a private bathroom, small but they were nice. Very small town good pizza and they serve till 11. And. Beautiful sunsets

Again it was a great trip, everyone really enjoyed themselves. I appreciate all your time and efforts. And thank you again for the candy.

Dennis D (July 2017)