Georgana C. | Ireland| May, 2019

Cochran - Guinness

Georgana and Bob visited Ireland in May 2019 and had a wonderful time visiting the sites. They recommended the book “From Barley to Blarney” which lists the best pubs, for anyone visiting in future



Amanda, Bob has told us that the trip far exceeded his expectations, and it did ours, too. We also appreciated the way you arranged our route and loved Kinsale. Recommend Don & Barry’s walking tour for anyone going there. Thank you so much. We’re going to Botswana next year, but will be doing Scotland after that, so certainly will be in touch.

1-829Full Name Georgana
How would you rate your trip overall? 5 stars
Who was your Travel Expert? Amanda
How were your accommodations? Great. Dromoland Castle was so elegant, with such welcoming and helpful staff, and outstanding amenities that of course, it blew us away. But, The Old Bank House and Emlagh Country House had such charm, we have to mention them too. Plus Lyrath Estate – lovely! Camden Court and Park House were also very nice. All were located in very handy places.
Did everything go smoothly with your transportation? Yes. Flights and car were great. Some problems with the tep but Amanda knows details on that.
What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy? Aran Islands were so unique we were very glad we saw them. Bob and I especially loved the gardens at Powerscourt and Muckross plus the Killarney National Park was truly spectacular. And, of course, we loved Dingle.
Cochran - Ireland2What was your favorite part of the trip? Really can’t think of a favorite part – it was all wonderful. Dennis recommends the book “From Barley to Blarney” which lists the best pubs
Would you travel with us again? Yes. Everything went so smoothly; we really can’t think of anything.
Any other questions or comments? A big, big thank you to Amanda for working with us through the various changes. Our trip was spectacular!