Jane D. | Ireland & Scotland | June, 2018

Amanda,Dougan 3

We had a perfect trip from Edinburgh to Belfast today on two trains, a bus, and a ferry, that was more like a cruise ship. We paid extra to be in the lounge where they provide drinks and snacks. It was lovely, but the other lounges that did not require an extra fee were also very nice. Our hotel in Belfast is excellent. We were greeted by classical music playing on the equivalent of a Bose radio when we entered our room, and the bathroom is very luxurious. I wish we could stay longer.
Dougan 1
When we saw our suite at the Trident Hotel in Kinsale, we were overwhelmed by the gorgeous views of the harbor and by the luxurious accommodations. Then I noticed the gift bag and card, and I found the lovely chocolates and birthday wishes from you.
What a wonderful way to conclude this memorable trip. With the help of Paddy Kennedy, of Kennedy Coach, I even found the cottage where I believe my grandfather, Daniel Kennedy, was born.

Thanks for everything


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