Lin Thomspon | Whittier,Alaska | May, 2022

Lin and her husband booked the 11-Day Denali Explorer cruise with us at Crystal Travel. Lin is a repeat client, who has taken three tours with Crystal Travel, all of which were planned by Ann and ran smoothly.


How would you rate your trip? 5/5
Who was your travel expert? Ann
How were your accommodations? Great
What did you love? Our stay at princess lodges at Denali were amazing. There were problems but they were due to property not being used during pandemic. I’m sure all will be back to smooth running soon.
Did everything go smoothly with your transportation? Yes
What did you love? Transport is always hard on me but it went as well as expected. Suitcases were damaged, one beyond repair. ( had to duct tape it to get home)
What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy? Cruise of glaciers was amazing!
What was your favorite part of the trip? The cruise. It’s so relaxing to be so well care for. Loved Alaska!
Would you travel with us again? Yes
How can we improve for next time? I’ll been on 3 cruises Ann has planned. They have all gone smoothly!