Pamella F. | Ireland | June, 2017

Testimonial Pam Ford Cliffs of Moher_325x244
Where you were on this trip :

How would you rate your trip overall? :  5/5

Who was your Travel Expert? : Amanda

How were your accommodations? : Great

What did you love? : I loved all the places we stayed at.

Did everything go smoothly with your transportation? :Yes

What did you love? : The flight was great. I loved the fact that we went thru customs in Ireland and not in the US.

What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy? : Cliffs of Moher was spectacular!

Did you find the Irish Heritage Book useful? : Yes, for planning and discounts

Did you find the Ireland at a Glimpse Book useful? : Did not use

What was your favorite part of the trip? : Traveling the highways of Ireland and seeing the landscape! Beautiful!

Would you travel with us again? : Yes

How can we improve for next time? : We did have an issue with the vehicles but that was taken care of. Amanda was very responsive to our needs!

(Pamela F, June 2017)