Una | Ireland | September, 2014

Oh Ann Where do I start!

What a fabulous time we had! Really you made it all come together, thank you so much for putting this trip together. I will add a few details for you because of you may like to pass on some insights to your other customers.


We got on the plane, the extra leg room was well worth it plus we got off the plane right away. The dinner was good, you get silverware and a wine glass for the wine plus the food is a little better. I probably wouldn’t order it for the kids again though because you pay for the wine & they didn’t get wine but the lady gave me two! We got served before everyone else, which might make a difference to anyone who wants to go to sleep asap.

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We are on our way now, right out to the Hertz counter, they had our reservation, bing bang boom, bought some more insurance and 10 minutes later we walk out about 50 yards,and there is our van with a huge trunk and plenty of space for all six of us.

The weather was warm and foggy. Got to the Malton around 1:00 and our house was ready! What a blessing because the kids were wrecked and were asleep in the car, into bed they went!

The next day we went to Ross Castle and took the boat ride out to Innisfalllon Island to roam about amongst the ruin & see the deer. Absolutely fabulous experience! Then we went to The Muckross House and walked through the gardens & had lunch. My mom had been there with her mother when she was a child! As I am sure you know outings like that way back when were few and far between. It was a sunny and beautiful day.

The next night, (maybe getting the days mixed up at this point) night Muckross Park Hotel to Jarvey’s Pub to meet the cousins. There was a special Irish music show, I think they may do that for dinner tours and such. It was a really good show, not ‘diddly iddly’ Irish music, it was really a good show, a group of 5 girls playing accordion, singing w/ various instruments, Irish dancers, solo singers, etc. It was a really pretty authentic show. We were all up dancing. We had a great night, food was good too, especially the chicken wings! My cousins who were staying there and travel all over the world said that the spa there was unlike anywhere else they had been, out of this world. They had services there that they had never seen anywhere else!

Simmons (6)_400x300The next day we booked the Gap of Dunloe Tours. We booked in O’Connors pub in town and they picked us up in the old jitney truck (right on time) brought us to Kate Kearney’s, and then we got two pony carts to bring us through the Gap. Well, Ann, the weather was absolutely glorious. I can’t imagine that there could be a more beautiful day to go through the Gap, it was fabulous, it was 65-70 degrees, the guys were lovely, then to Lord Brandons Cottage for lunch on the patio.

The next day was the wedding. We went to the cathedral for the absolutely gorgeous ceremony. The wedding couple got taken away in an old fancy car. We went to the Muckross Park Hotel for the reception, part of it was outside and we had champagne inside, the bridal couple arrived in horse and buggy! It was a fabulous reception, went on until very late, say no more it was just great!

The next day, off to Dromoland Castle. We ended up booking in my mom and my aunt in another room and they stayed the night too. What a lovely reception we got at Dromoland from Aidan and everyone there. Then they upgraded us! Oh what a place, can’t describe and I won’t say fabulous again!!!! But it was heavenly! The gentleman at reception couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating, truly service at its best. We had the most memorable dinner that night in the restaurant, our table was overlooking the sunset over the grounds, the food and service was exceptional We got up the next morning, had a magnificent breakfast, I didn’t want to leave. I would go back to Dromoland in a heartbeat. Dropped the car off, and off we were back to Boston with Mayor Marty Walsh a row behind us!

I thank you so much Ann for making this trip easy and enjoyable. I couldn’t have planned a trip so well coordinated, the flight, extra leg room, the in-flight meals, the van, the hotels, flawless! I have told my all my friends how you, Crystal Travel, helped us so with this trip. Trips like these change peoples lives. Ethan, myself, our kids, my mom and my mother in law, we just had the best time of our lives, reconnecting with my cousins and then meeting my family. oh I guess I want to share it all with you! Thank you!

Best regards,