Mighty Northern Ireland | 12 Game of Thrones Filming Locations

Having witnessed the epic battles, unexpected road trips and even deadly dragons, it is now time for the real life experience. With so much Game of Thrones action captured in Northern Ireland, this is about as close to the Seven Kingdoms you can get without losing your head.

It’s here you can follow the footsteps of Jon Snow through timeworn landscapes or grab a bow and learn how to shoot like a wildling. You can sail the same waters as Tyrion and Jorah, train with broadswords and behold where the Iron Throne sits.

There’s also a very cool trail for those who drink and know things, or who may just want to ‘hold the door’!

Filming Locations

Tollymore Forest Park, Co. Down

Tollymore Forest Park was featured in the first episode of Season 1. It covers an area almost 630 hectares at the foot of the  Mourne Mountains. It is home to trees, woodlands, streams, grottos and caves and offers panoramic views of the sea at nearby Newcastle.

You might remember this haunting forest from the scene in which a member of the Night’s Watch rides through the snowy forest and stumbles upon dismembered Wildling bodies during the cold open for the entire series.

Riverrun, River Quoile, Co. Down

Located on the north bank of the Quoile River, this historic site is used as the location of the Twins in the Riverlands. The River Quoile is featured in a couple of key points in Season 1.

It is here that Robb’s army needs to cross the Trident, so Catelyn Stark goes to bargain with Walder Frey to seek permission. In the next episode, it’s the place where Catelyn and Robb learn of Ned’s beheading and declare, “We will kill them all”.


Audley’s Field, Strangford Lough

Lots of drama unfolds in Audley’s Field and Castle by Strangford Lough. Visit and you can even explore Robb’s Trail, one of two Game Of Thrones self-guided cycling tours provided by Clearsky Adventure Centre in the Castle Ward Estate.

Audley’s Field was used during Season 1 as King Robert Baratheon and his retinue arrive at Winterfell. It’s the backdrop of Robb’s Camp in Season 2 and the place where he first meets Talisa.


Winterfell, Castle Ward, Co. Down

Castle Ward, which may be more familiar as Winterfell, overlooks the beautiful Strangford Lough. Inside this beautiful 820 acre walled demesne you will find the spectacular house, an exotic sunken garden and a haunting woodland.

Castle Ward is the prime location for Winterfell and the lands surrounding Winterfell in the North. This is where King Robert Baratheon and his retinue arrive and are met by the Starks in Season 1.


The King’s Road, Dark Hedges, Co. Antrim

The Dark Hedges is a beautiful avenue of beech trees, planted by the Stuart family in the eighteenth century. Today, they remain a magnificent sight and have become one of the most photographed natural phenomena in Northern Ireland.

They live up to their haunting name in Season 2. These spectacular trees line the King’s Road as Ayra Stark makes her escape from King’s Landing. Disguised as a boy.


The Stormlands, Cushendun Caves, Co. Antrim

The caves at Cushendun were formed over a period of 400 million of years and are a product of extreme weather conditions. They can be found just beyond this beautiful coastal village next to the Cave House.

In Season 2, Cushendun is where Melisandre gives birth to the shadow baby after being brought ashore by Ser Davos Seaworth.


Storm’s End, Murlough Bay, Co. Antrim

Located in North East County Antrim, Murlough Bay is an awe-inspiring location. Murlough is best known for its outstanding beauty, remoteness and views across the sea to Rathlin Island and the Mull of Kintyre.

Murlough Bay becomes the Iron Islands in Season 3. This is the spot where Theon Greyjoy shares an uncomfortable (for the viewer) horse ride with his sister, Yara. It’s also the spot where Davos Seaworth is shipwrecked after the battle of Blackwater Bay.

Ballintoy Harbour, Co. Antrim

Ballintoy is situated in one of the most picturesque parts of the North Antrim Coast between the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. This stunning harbour location has been used for exterior Pyke shots and as the Iron Islands.

This picturesque coastal nook is where Theon Greyjoy arrives back in the Iron Islands and where he later admires his ship, the Sea Bitch. This is also where he first meets his sister Yara.


Larrybane, Carrick-a-Rede, Co. Antrim

Located along the stunning North Coast close to Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge lies Larrybane headland, which used to stretch out towards Sheep Island. Its large caves once served as a home to boat builders and a safe haven from winter storms

Larrybane was the dramatic spot chosen for Renly Baratheon’s camp in Season 2. This is where Catelyn Stark agrees to a treaty with Renly on behalf of her son Robb.


Dragonstone, Downhill Beach, Co. Derry

One of the most iconic locations, Downhill Beach is an 11km stretch of sand and surf located on the Causeway Coast. This magnificent location is home to Mussenden. Downhill was illuminated and transformed into Dragonstone in Season 2.

This is the spot where the old gods burn on the beach, where Stannis pulls the flaming sword and Melisandre chants: “For the night is dark and full of terrors”.



Binevenagh Mountain serves as the backdrop for the Dothraki Grasslands in Game of Thrones. Initially featured in Season 5, it is among the numerous breathtaking landscapes of Northern Ireland showcased in the TV series.

In her attempt to escape the Sons of the Harpy, Daenerys Targaryen takes to the skies atop her loyal dragon Drogo and seeks refuge on this mountaintop. Regrettably, her situation goes from bad to worse as, having recently evaded the challenges in Meereen, she encounters Khal Moro’s khalasar and finds herself captured.


Shane’s Castle

Shane’s Castle stands as a captivating historic estate, offering a picturesque setting that served as a compelling filming location for Game of Thrones. The grandeur of this castle and its vast grounds creates a breathtaking backdrop, skillfully capturing the medieval essence of the series.

In Season 1 of Game of Thrones, Shane’s Castle held a significant role as the site for the Lannister camp during the tourney. It became the stage for a captivating combat scene where Bronn valiantly fought for Tyrion Lannister’s freedom. The castle’s atmospheric surroundings and medieval allure made it an ideal selection, seamlessly bringing the enchanting world of Westeros to life.


Other Areas of Interest

Game of Thrones Studio Tour

Dive into the enchanting world of Westeros with a visit to the Game of Thrones Studio in Banbridge, Co. Down. It’s not just for die-hard fans – even casual viewers can appreciate the behind-the-scenes magic that brought the Seven Kingdoms to life. Wander through the iconic Throne Room, snap a pic on the Iron Throne, and geek out over the real costumes and props that once graced our screens.

It’s like stepping into your favorite fantasy book, minus the drama and a little more behind-the-scenes charm. So, whether you’re a seasoned Stark supporter or just looking for a cool way to spend an afternoon, the Game of Thrones Studio is worth checking out for a dose of fantasy nostalgia and a glimpse into the making of one of TV’s most epic shows.


Game of Doors

We talked about the Dark Hedges above. In 2016, they suffered a great loss with a number of the trees felled during a storm. The trees didn’t stay down for long as they were reclaimed and transformed into 10 intricately carved doors that each commemorate an episode of season 6. The were distributed across the realm (see: Northern Ireland) for what-was-supposed-to-be a limited time but still remain in various pubs and hotels close to many of the filming locations listed above. You can see all of these doors on our Game of Thrones themed self-drive tour of Northern Ireland.

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