Carolyn | Scotland | September, 2023



How would you rate your trip?

Who was your travel expert?

Sean McCay

How were your accommodations?

Great. The hotels Perle Oban,and the Marmalade. Very clean and excellent restaurants 

Did everything go smoothly with your transportation?

Yes. Absolutely fabulous tour guide. Kilted Piper tours with Graeme Clive

What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy?

Skara Brae, Orkneys Italian chapel, Mull,Iona, Stirling castle, Jacobite train,, Isle of Skye, The Viking festival in Largs, Isle of Lewis and Lewis castle, All the ferry rides and the whiskey, tasting distilleries,Duart Castle and meeting the chief Lachlan McClain of the McClain Clan

What was your favorite part of the trip?

The fabulous tour guide

Would you travel with us again? 


How can we improve for next time?

I Think that the knowledge of visiting Scotland needs to be improved. For instance, the Isle of Skye has no lifts and some of the hotels that. we were in had two flights of stairs to carry our luggage up.

Any other questions or comments?

Sean McCay was great we Became great friends over for the course of time trying to juggle our plans with what was available.