Katharine | Scotland & Ireland | July, 2023



How would you rate your trip?

Who was your travel expert?


How were your accommodations?


  • Parliament House, Edinburgh, liked quiet location – pleasant, simple.
  • The George, Edinburgh – a glitch which was rectified by Ann.  Did get a nice room finally.  The public areas were a madhouse of airline personnel, tourists (like me!), the breakfast room was a madhouse.  Didn’t think it  had 5-star quality.
  • Ness Walk, Inverness.  Didn’t love – I felt sort of trapped 
  • Sunflower B&B, Findhorn.  Pretty basic but truly fine and comfortable.
  • Culloden House, Inverness.  Charming.  Remote but a treat to stay there.
  • Dingle Skelling Hotel – It was fine and I was comfortable, but it is one sprawling ugly eyesore.  Right on the coast, really changing the point of view of Dingle.  There are a few other places like that too – cheap, ugly construction, not in keeping with the town. Like an old HoJo’s or Holiday Inn. One wonders how the building permits were arranged…..
  • Iveagh Garden Hotel, Dublin. Had a great room, the hotel was fine, the staff were all helpful.
  • There are so many tourists around (including myself) that it hard to see through to the authenticity of places, including hotels.  It is amazing how people present themselves in these places as well – hardly a 5-star clientele for 5 star hotels.  Oh well – our times.
  • Favorite probably Iveagh Gardens.  least favorite Dingle .

Did everything go smoothly with your transportation?

Yes. Having personal experience with knowledgeable guides. Very comfortable and congenial. I had my favorites of course.

What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy?

Enjoyed driving on the Ring of Kerry, and back to Dublin with private drivers – it felt like touring the countryside with an acquaintance, could talk, ask questions – very relaxing. Took a tourist tour around the Dingle Peninsula – not great, but I was glad to see it. Those little roads are PACKED with such tours and gigantic busses – a bit sad really. 

What was your favorite part of the trip?

The weather! Cool, even grey and rainy – I loved it. The countrysides. Going to museums, theatre, exploring on my own – a ton of walking around. Also visiting with friends at certain points.

Would you travel with us again? 


How can we improve for next time?

I really have no suggestions. The thing I appreciate is how Ann solved a problem for me at the George Hotel (a dungeon of a room with a view of a row of garbage cans – the plight of a single, female tra