Margaret | Ireland | September, 2023



How would you rate your trip?

Who was your travel expert?


How were your accommodations?

Great. Pax House was amazing and exceeded expectations. We also really liked the Trident Hotel. Also liked the Twelve Hotel a lot. I would say nothing wrong per se with Butler Arms but it did seem a little “tired” and kind of a let down compared to the previous accomodations.

Did everything go smoothly with your transportation?

Yes. We upgraded the car to an SUV and did like that. When we dropped off the car early at Dublin airport we were confused as to where to find the rental place (even with GPS) or where to get an Uber to get back into Dublin-maybe a little pre-guidance there for people in the future?

What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy?

The Dingle Sea Safari was incredible! Highly recommend it. Every activity we did was great. I do wish we had pre-bought more tickets for places on the Dublin bus tour- we couldn’t get into some things b/c they were sold out

What was your favorite part of the trip?

So many wonderful things but Dingle was so fantastic. The town, Pax House, just everything about it.

Would you travel with us again? 

Yes. Ann was terrific to work with-she met with us several times and was very patient with our questions and changes!! I would just encourage to assume we know nothing if we haven’t been to the location before -nothing is too minor to explain or tell us.