Amie & Tim G. | Hawaii | August, 2021

Amie and her new husband, Tim. spent 2 weeks in Hawaii on their Honeymoon. The pandemic did not deter them from having a wonderful time and making some incredible memories together. They both left detailed answers about what they each enjoyed from the trip. According to Tim, the best part was “not having to worry about anything – every detail was in our itinerary packet.”



How would you rate your trip? 5/5
Who was your travel expert? Ann
How were your accommodations? Great
What did you love?

The hotel was perfect location overlooking the pool and only feet away from the beach. – Amie

Insane room right on the beach in Maui, it had all of the amenities we needed and some that we wouldn’t have thought of without Ann – Tim

Did everything go smoothly with your transportation? Yes
What did you love? Ann sent a complete itinerary with all flight details and timing specifics on everything. It was incredibly helpful. – Amie

Extra room on the planes, car rentals handled perfectly at a destination where rentals have been a challenge recently. – Tim

What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy? Ann found us the BEST tours. My personal favorites were the rainforest and waterfall hiking tour followed by sunrise at Mount Haleakala. – Amie

Waterfall tour, pearl harbor, the luau! – Tim

What was your favorite part of the trip? I loved everything about Maui. We had a great variation of activities and “free” days. I told Ann the kinds of activities we enjoy and she researched and found everything we did for 13 days! – Amie

Very hard to say, our honeymoon had a great balance of relaxation and fun excursions. Best part was not having to worry about anything – every detail was in our itinerary packet – Tim

Would you travel with us again? Yes
How can we improve for next time? No improvements necessary! – Amie

Trip was seriously perfect! – Tim