Angela I. | Ireland | August, 2018

Name? AngelaIbarra 1-938695-edited

How would you rate your trip overall? 5 stars

Who was your Travel Expert? Amanda

How were your accommodations? Great. My favorite accommodation was the Mill House. Beautiful presentation, spacious, warm, comfortable, hosts were very personable. My least favorite was the O’Callaghan Mont Clare. The AC unit wasn’t working properly. It started leaking so we put out containers to catch the water but still ended up with a drenched carpet in the front of our door that ended up smelling like urine. We did inform the front desk but nothing was done to fix it.

Did everything go smoothly with your transportation? Yes. The flights were wonderful! The rental car was fine but I had to add oil during the journey due to the low oil light coming on. Thankfully the rental car place refunded us for it.

What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy? We loved the Cliffs of Moher, the Blarney Castle, the Russborough House, the shopping streets in Killarney and in Dublin. The green countryside was absolutely beautiful!

What was your favorite part of the trip? All of it!!!!! I enjoyed every part of our trip!!

Would you travel with us again? Yes. I don’t really have any thoughts on this. I enjoyed everything and when I had questions or concerns Amanda and another representative was quick to help.

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Angela I. (August 2018)