Dorothy S. | Ireland | March, 2018

How would you rate your trip overall? 5/5

Agent Amanda

How were your accommodations? Great

Tell us more! All the hotels that were chosen for our stay for the week were wonderful!!

Did everything go smoothly with your transportation? Yes

Tell us more! The tour man Peter picked us up from the airport and returned us back on the day we were leaving. Peter was a wonderful tour guide and a true history major so we learned a lot about the country and the culture it was awesome.  At many points he would break out into a song, we all loved him. Our drivers name was Youri he was wonderful too, always there with a helping hand.

What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy? We loved the horse farm where all the prize horses were born and breed, they were beautiful and surrounded by the gardens. We also loved another farm where we made home made scones. Of course the Cliffs of Moher and the Ring of Kerry, Waterford Crystal was so beautiful.

What was your favorite part of the trip? We especially loved the extra nights we went to the Madeville dinner at the castle and the horse and carriage ride and of course the Irish dinner and dance night.

Would you travel with us again? Yes

How can we improve? I have no complaints at all Thank you for all you have done for us!

Any other questions or comments? Please keep us connected we would love to go again if any special deals come up, we would want Global for sure!! They were awesome.


Dorothy S. (March 2018)