Jamie P. | Italy | May, 2019

Hi Amanda,Patterson - Venice

Noel and I had an amazing time. We loved visiting Italy and will definitely try to go back. We filled out the survey but our favorite places were Pompeii, Rome, and Florence. The only thing that was a little odd was that the hotels asked us to pay the room tax when we checked out. I guess it’s just a little different than when I travel for work.

Thanks for all your help with our trip.

Jamie Patterson

Patterson - VesuviusFull Name Jamie
How would you rate your trip overall? 5 stars
Who was your Travel Expert? Amanda
How were your accommodations? Great. The Old Bridge B&B in Florence was our favorite. It was in a great location and staff were friendly and helpful. It was a little confusing checking in because you actually have to go to the hotel across the street to check in.
Did everything go smoothly with your transportation? Yes. Our flights were fine. The only issue with the trains was that the train to Rome from Naples changed so our car went from a passenger car to a dining car and the train staff were not very helpful in finding other seats.
What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy? We liked going on a walking tour in Florence as well as visiting the museums, taking a day trip out to the leaning tower of Pisa and visiting Mt Vesuvius and Pompeii.
What was your favorite part of the trip? We enjoyed the city of Florence the best. The museums and tours were great.
Would you travel with us again? Yes. We think starting the trip in Rome and being there a little longer would have been better.