Rochelle D. | Stow, MA | July, 2017

punta cana _300x0Where you were on this trip: Other

How would you rate your trip overall?: 5

Who was your Travel Expert?: Amanda

How were your accommodations?: Great

What did you love?:
Everything was absolutely amazing and we owe that all to our travel agent. Our trip was so easy to book, we told our travel agent our budget, time of year we could go and she made it all happen. She found us the perfect resort with adult only, reserved an ocean front view room with views that we will never forget and got us first class on our way to the resort. Everything was perfect from the weather to the room to the food. We owe it all to Amanda!

Did everything go smoothly with your transportation?: Yes

What did you love?:
Transportation was easy and smooth from the moment we got off the airplane in our destination to the moment we left. Transportation was waiting for us when we got off the plane and made us feel very safe bringing us to the correct resort. We also loved how Apple Vacation had representatives at our resort therefore if we had any questions concerning anything they were available. They made us feel very safe and comfortable.

What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy?:
While at our resort we did two explorations, one being swimming with dolphins and the second one taking a boat to a separate island where we snorkeled, found starfish and were able to relax on a different beach than the resort. We LOVED the explorations, our favorite was the boat exploration as we were able to experience a little bit on how the natives live and also explore a different part of the island. Overall it was a trip of a lifetime and we are so fortunate for everything to have worked out perfectly!

What was your favorite part of the trip?:
The boat exploration was our favorite exploration, but we also loved many parts of our trip such as waking up daily to an ocean front view of the beautiful beach, also having an great entertainment crew that made each day fun. We loved the swim up bar in the salt water pool.

Would you travel with us again?: Yes

How can we improve for next time?: No complaints, Amanda took great care of us and made this experience amazing and effortless. I can not wait to book another trip soon!

Any other questions or comments?:
Amanda Brown was an amazing travel agent who really took the time to match our budget, time off and location to what we were envisioning. We basically told Amanda we wanted to go to an island with crystal blue waters, no children, during this specific week and this was our budget and she delivered more than what we could have asked for. Not only did Amanda do an amazing job matching what we wanted but she then went above and beyond by booking us first class, finding an ocean front view room and constantly was in touch with the resort up till the day we arrived to make sure we were taken care of and got what we wanted (ocean front and king size bed). She was absolutely amazing!!!!! Thank you Amanda for making our dreams come true!!!!