Stephen & Kelly M. | Weymouth, MA | July, 2017

Stephen M 1_250x167Hello Ann,

Please excuse my delay in getting back to you. Yes, the trip was great. Kelly actually drove all the time. I was going to also, but it got easier for her as time went by. So, why have another learning curve with me trying? ; ) We found that on the GPS, as I brought my Garmin and ordered a map for all of the U.K., it was the Postal Code that helped pinpoint the locations. As you may recall, there were no house numbers on many of the hotels we stayed at. I would recommend your future clients to use the codes!

Oban was was very nice. Pretty harbor and great pictures at sunset, and before that, as it set around 10:30pm local time. Portree was very nice. We did drive North and then around that part of the Isle of Skye and back to Portree. Was very very good. Great sights. We went hiking by the water (harbor) and then up the hillside and back around to the town. Our rooms were facing the harbor which was nice. Fort. Augustus was also very nice. We ate at The Lock Inn a few times. Was right beside the locks going into Lock Ness. So nice the see the boats go through them. You could go right beside them with your drinks and food from the Inn. The kayaking was fun also. Would recommend that to your clients. The folks were very nice and competent. The hotel there was ok.
We did stop at all of the three state run castles. Tip: if you know you’ll do that, get the ‘Pass the first time” and save a few pounds.

The Culloden Battlefield and museum was an excellent stop. You’ll want to walk some of the paths too and see the markers. Take time to see both perspectives leading up to the battle in the museum. The hotel at Inverness was interesting. Nice place. We did take a cab to the Downtown area to have dinner at, I think, was No. 13.?? Was good. We didn’t have to worry about drinking and driving. We Stopped at the castle there also. Didn’t go inside. Just the view. Eh. Oh, and Edinburgh was very good also. The castle was very good. Royal Mile-pretty touristy. We did tell you of The Whiskey place we went to a few times. All the different types of whisky. That was a good stop!! Tell your clients!

Thank you for all of your planning for us. We appreciate it. if you have any questions for me, please let me know or call.

Stephen & Kelly