Tom & Robin S. | Ireland | May, 2022

Tom and Robin are repeat customers of Crystal Travel and Tours! This was their second trip with us. Originally they planned to travel in 2020, but they stuck with us through Covid-19 and managed to travel in May 2022. They rented a car and explored much of Ireland on their own road trip.


How would you rate your trip? 5/5
Who was your travel expert? Ann
How were your accommodations? Great
What did you love? Blue Haven Hotel
Great location, wonderful staff, great room
All places were great
Least favorite might be in Dublin, tiny room,
Less friendly staff
Did everything go smoothly with your transportation? Yes
What did you love? Easy flight
What tours, attractions, or activities did you particularly enjoy? Hikes and walks we did together
What was your favorite part of the trip? Walking around Kinsale
Would you travel with us again? Yes
How can we improve for next time? No idea
Any other questions or comments? Ann was great to work with

Tom & Robin also sent us the following:


Have been meaning to drop a line

All went well in Ireland, driving was a challenge and we wore raincoats much of the time!

But, as everyone says, that is why the hills are so green.

I think the country is still a bit behind because of Covid, they were happy to have tourists again but things like bars with Irish music were few.

All the places we stayed were great!  And, you know how fussy I am!

Thanks for everything