Beginners Guide to Glasgow

Located in the Scottish midlands is the countries most populous city and the third most populous city in the United Kingdom; Glasgow. “Glaswegians” or Glasgow natives are known throughout the world for their thick and difficult-to-understand accents. Their city is world renowned for its many attractions and bustling nightlife. Here we’ll take a look at some of the highlights this beautiful city has to offer.

Glasgow’s West End

secc-961000_1920It is said that a visit to Glasgow isn’t complete without exploring all the beauty the west end of the city has to offer. From the elegant bars and restaurants of Great Western Road  to the beautiful green open spaces of Kelvingrove Park, there’s a broad selection of activities to keep visitors satisfied. Located right on the River Clyde is Riverside Museum which houses a selection of vintage cars and bikes offering an authentic look at the 20th century automotive industry. The picturesque University of Glasgow is a short walk away and is an enchanting location for an evening stroll.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Since its opening in 1901, Kelvingrove Museum has been a firm favorite with locals and visitors alike due to its magnificent architecture and family friendly atmosphere. A total of 22 galleries covering everything from Ancient Egypt to Scottish architect and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh make for an enthralling day of exploration. Entrance to the museum is free and visitors get access to a programme of short lectures giving information on different objects and artworks from the museum’s grand collection.

Glengoyne Distillery 

distillery-barrels-591602_1280Scotland is known throughout the world for its fine selection of whiskeys and countless distilleries and Glasgow is no different. Glengoyne Distillery is located approximately 40 minutes from the city centre and boasts an impressive collection of tours covering the history of the company and the distillation process itself. For the whiskey connoisseurs out there the 5 hour masterclass tour covers all things whiskey in incredible detail. Glengoyne pride themselves on their process and they say their craftsmanship can be tasted in every bottle that leaves the distillery.

Glasgow Necropolis & Cathedral

The Glasgow Necropolis is a Victorian cemetery covering 37 acres to the east of Glasgow Cathedral. It is the resting place of over 50,000 souls and contains approximately 3,500 monuments, the oldest of which predates the cemetery itself by over 5 years . Planning for the cemetery began in 1831 in anticipation of a change in laws allowing burial for profit and it was officially opened in 1833. The Necropolis was an interdenominational burial ground catering for people of all backgrounds including catholic and jewish people. The countless monuments and ornate gates coupled with beautiful hilltop views of Glasgow city are what attract people to the cemetery today.

Celtic Park 

football-2699593_1920Glasgow is known all around the sporting world for the intense rivalry between the cities soccer clubs. Celtic Park is home to the Celtic Football Club and has a capacity of 60,411, making it the largest football stadium in Scotland. Originally built in 1892 and renovated in 1994, this stadium holds within it an incredible history of sporting events and the drama that comes with it. Tours of the stadium offer an in-depth look at the history of the club dating back to its inception in 1888 and give details on how the club became such an international phenomenon.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens 

Glasgow Botanic Gardens located in the West End of the city features several glasshouses, the most notable of which is the Kibble Palace. The Kibble Palace is a 19th-century wrought iron framed glasshouse, covering over 2000 square metres. The Gardens contain a vast collection of temperate and tropical flora, an herb garden and much more. Visitors are treated to chronological bed with plants arranged according to their introduction to the Scottish ecosystem as well as a world rose garden which was opened by Princess Tomohito of Mikasa in 2003.

Glasgow is alive with sites and activities for people of all ages. Our Glasgow Day tour visits Glengoyne Distillery along with several other locations. Follow the link for more information.

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