8 Reasons Why Ireland is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

It’s no secret that weddings can be exhausting. The hustle and bustle of the months leading up to the big day can leave the happy couple needing a quiet, relaxing break to enjoy each other’s company. With breathtaking scenery, delicious food, and warm locals, Ireland offers the perfect setting for this type of honeymoon.




Here are 8 reasons why we believe you should plan your honeymoon in Ireland!


Honeymoon in Ireland

1. Soak in the Scenery

People honeymoon in Ireland because of the spectacular, often breathtaking scenery all around, the warmth of the people, the magic, romance and coziness.


2. Get Active

There are walking, biking, and driving trails all over the country for you to get lost in.


3. Make Memories

There are countless opportunities for making memories. Stand atop the Cliffs of Moher and cozy up by the open fire in a singing pub in Doolin. Travel the Ring of Kerry and check out the craft stores in Killarney. Take a lazy day through West Cork and grab a bite to eat in Ireland’s gourmet capital, Kinsale. Kiss the Blarney Stone to gain the gift of eloquence and never leave a word unspoken between you and your newlywed.


4. Live like a local

Irish people are known as some of the most friendly on the planet. In fact, Ireland is home to 3 of the friendliest cities in the world. Galway, Dublin, and Cork were all voted into the top four friendliest cities in 2015! Irish people are nurturers by nature. They love to welcome visitors, wine and dine them and share stories. If this sounds appealing, we recommend venturing away from the typical tourist spots and immersing yourselves in the local communities. Who knows, you may come back with friends for life.


5. Wine and Dine

Ireland is home to some of the best restaurants and bars in the world. The huge variety of cuisines makes it possible to try something new every night. Although we are best known for our Guinness, there is also a huge selection of local alcohol brands that you can sample (and probably fall in love with).


6. Fall in Love with the Folklore

Ireland has a rich history of myths and legends known the world over. The folklore of Ireland has enchanted listeners for generations. Delve into the love stories of couples from the past as you embark on your own love story as newlyweds.


7. Accommodations to suit any taste  

There are a range of accommodations to choose from. A favorite among many honeymooners are B&Bs. The owners are as interested in your story as they are in ensuring that you enjoy your time in their wonderful country. If you prefer a more anonymous stay, there are a variety of highly-rated hotels in all major cities.


8. You will start your marriage with the Irish spice of Life!

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