Rosslyn Chapel & the Scottish Borders | Edinburgh Day Tour

Uncover the myths and legends of the Da Vinci Code on this Rosslyn Chapel tour from Edinburgh.


Places you explore

  • Scott's View - Take in this splendid view of the Scottish borders, which was once Sir Walter Scott’s favorite.
  • William Wallace Statue - This 200 year old eccentric statue of William Wallace proudly watches over the landscape.
  • Melrose Abbey - A beautiful and ruined Gothic abbey that may hold the embalmed heart of Robert the Bruce.
  • Tweed Valley - Famous for its salmon fishing, the river Tweed is surrounded by soft rolling hills.
  • Rosslyn Chapel - A beautiful 15th century chapel, full of impressive architecture, stone carvings, and many mysterious tales.


Your Journey

Nowhere in Scotland is more riddled with mystery than Rosslyn Chapel.

There’s the apprentice who was murdered by his master after carving the ornate Apprentice Pillar. There’s the connection to the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail. And there are even some who believe the chapel was built on a UFO landing site.

On this tour, you get a chance to explore the enigmatic Rosslyn Chapel, admire the gorgeous Tweed Valley, and visit Melrose Abbey, the alleged burial site of Robert the Bruce’s heart.

So, join this day tour and indulge in the mystery, beauty, and history of Scotland.

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