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Sláinte! Welcome to the stories, travel tips and banter of two twenty-somethings – one who hails from Ireland and the other who lives and breathes Ireland. As 2016 was a record-breaking year for tourism on the Emerald Isle, we know we’re not the only ones feeling the love for this country.

50 Reasons to Visit Ireland brings all the very best of the island straight to your ears. Our list counts up from 1 to 50 covering different themes and specifying with each reason. We release new episodes every Monday on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages. 

You want hidden gems? We’ve got you covered. What’s it like to kiss the Blarney Stone or have a night out in Dublin? We’ll share that, too. Not sure how to get around Ireland or where to stay? We’ve been there, done that (literally) and have answers. Looking for culture? Learn a Gaelic phrase each week with Caitlin and laugh along with Joe at her botched pronunciation. Just looking for something to make your commute bearable? Not to worry, we’ll help with that, too.So put the kettle on and crank up the trad music. You’re in for some “good craic”!

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Born and raised in Ireland, my family and I used to take vacations around the Emerald Isle when I was young. At that time, I wished I could see other countries like all my friends. Now I tour the country by choice every time I go home.

Having grown up thirty miles from Galway city and attended university there, it is my favorite place in the country but I also really love Westport and Kenmare. They each share a certain, indefinable charm.

Having recently spent a few nights in Kilkenny, I get the allure of the castle, Medieval Mile, Smithwick's Experience and it's many lively pubs and restaurants.

I moved to Boston in 2011 and started working at Crystal Travel a year later after spending my life on a farm in the west of Ireland. I love having the opportunity to share my country with so many people. And I say "my country" because I'm very proud of Ireland and all she has to offer. I'm excited to share 50 Reasons to Visit Ireland and talk about the place I love so much.

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I've been "the Ireland girl" most of my life. With Celtic ancestry and a love of all things “across the pond”, I knew I wanted to visit the Emerald Isle from the time I was a small child.

During my junior year at Kent State University, I studied PR and Communications at the University of Ulster in Jordanstown, Northern Ireland.

Living outside of Belfast was the experience of a lifetime with stunning scenery and a vibrant culture. Many times I felt like I was living in a dream and didn’t want to wake up! I met so many amazing people – both natives as well as other foreign students like me – and the journeys we had have stayed with me ever since.

When I returned, I couldn't stop talking about the beautiful things I saw, the exciting things I did and, above all, the adventures I had. I definitely lucked out getting a marketing position at Crystal Travel & Tours in Boston in October 2016. I have so much fun working on 50 Reasons to Visit Ireland and taking my adventures to another level.

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